Friday, September 29, 2006

You gotta love it!

Noah: (holding his hand out to me) "Mommy, I have a booboo"

Mommy: "How did you get your booboo?"

I lifts his hand to my mouth and as I am kissing the booboo...

Noah: "from the potty"

Mommy: very discretely wipes her mouth off while trying not to vomit.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Once there was 3, now there are 2...

Minnie the turtle has found a new home today at the Outdoor Learning Center. She began to hibernate and we just couldn't adequately accomodate her lifestyle so she is better off in her own habitat. The boys took it really well. It was a little heartbreaking today when Camden was reading a book and came across a picture of a turtle and labeled it "his pet, Minnie". They will take excellent care of her and nurse her broken shell back until she can be released to the wild. We didn't have Minnie very long and that is probably for the best, because we learned she is actually a HE! Wow, think of all the therapy he would of required when he found out he really wasn't a girl!

Gracie, our Lab, spent some time today in the vet's office. She was in the middle of a down and dirty game of wrestle with the boys when she got popped in the mouth. I discovered what appeared to be her tooth shoved up into her gums. Turns out, she has a common tumor on her gum that will go away on it's own. She is scheduled to have her teeth cleaned and we are all looking forward to that! She also has a fatty tumor on her belly that is common as well and nothing to worry about.

While at the vet's office, Brian got reassuring news that we are still doing the humane thing for Whittie. She is senile and finds herself in a corner quite often and can't get out. She is also having a hard time walking on the tile and falls over very easily. She is still eating and wanting to got outside and those are all good quality of life factors that the vet is happy to hear about. It is a struggle to see her go through this and lots of tears have been shed. She is just the sweetest dog and I don't want her to suffer for one minute!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random News

It was a tough weekend for myself. After a CT scan, a sonogram and 2 different doctors, I still am in pain on my right side. It most likely was a ruptured cyst, however there is no visible evidence of such on the latest scan. My right side is clear and my left side now shows a small cyst. (I give up!!!) The pain I am still having could be from fluid that has caused irriation or from something else. I am stuck at this point as to what to do next.

Good news... my mom's kidney stone has been blasted and she will be feeling like her old self very quickly!!!

The boys are healthy and still enjoying school. Noah had his cast removed last Wednesday and after a few days of being cautious he is really starting to use his right hand again. I do believe if he had to wear the cast any longer, he would have been left handed. He adapted almost too easily to his left hand and still favors it.

Camden is doing better with his tanturms. He was rewarded at church last week for walking away and letting another child have a toy. For the most part he does very well sharing with his peers, he seems to have a problem sharing with his brother. All very normal and expected.

Noah has started early making a list for Santa and just about everything he passes in the store gets added to the list. I am currently searching for his Halloween costume and do not even want to think about Christmas at this point. Noah wants to be Diego and Camden is probably going to be the map from Dora for Halloween.

What are your kids going to dress up as? What was your favorite costume growing up?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today was not boring...

After a day filled with lots of abdominal pain, nausea and just feeling bad. I will not echo Noah's sentiments of "today was boring". Today was filled with lots of feelings of anxiousness in between seeing the doctor, have blood work done and experiencing a CT scan for the first time. Am I any further along in a diagnosis than I was this morning... probably not. My internal organs have been given a clean bill of health on the outside but there is something wrong...very wrong and I want it fixed. Maybe I will have a clearer picture on Friday.

Please pray for my mom, myself and my friend Brooke.

Monday, September 18, 2006

What's New?

Here is what I have learned during the last week:

First, I wasn't aware until today that we have a budding Picasso (Camden) in our house. With this new fact comes the knowledge that windex will remove crayon from just about every surface of your home.

Second, I learned that when loading your groceries into the back of the car, make sure the milk and eggs are not near the door. Did you know that a gallon of milk takes more than one roll of papertowels to clean up? Your cleaning is not over after the papertowels either because then you have to mop the entire kitchen and garage floor because now it is sticky.

Third, we have a new pet in our house. It is a three-toed box turtle named Minnie. Not Minnie Mouse, but Minnie the turtle in case you were confused. (Noah, just wanted that clarified.) She was found in our yard and is fairly old. She appears to be a very active turtle and to the kids amusement she is out of her shell most of the time. She was supposed to be a temporary pet but of course the kids have fallen in love with her and now her fate is up in the air.

Fourth, the kids really are enjoying pre-school. Camden is still a bit shy at drop off but warms up quickly. He really likes playing trucks with "Michael" and going outside to play with Noah.

I am very impressed with Noah's teacher and the way she instructs her class. It appears he will be very prepared for Kindergarten next year. He is learning to "think outside the box". They are learning ways to solve problems without running to the teacher. Listening skills are being worked on as well as growing their attention span. These things will help with sitting in Kindergarten next year. She doesn't acknowledge whinning which has helped us since Noah seems to be in that stage currently. She also strongly encourages "higher learning" through the use of materials brought home and worked on with mom & dad. We are very blessed that God has provided the right teacher for both of the kids this year.

Fifth, We are in the middle of potty training with Camden. He is doing great wearing a pull-up and staying dry most of the day. We have experimented with underwear and it usually is a disaster. I have not found the right "incentive" that works for Camden yet.

Sixth, has anyone seen my fun-loving 2-year old? He seems to be missing. The terrible two's have arrived at our house, and it is not pleasant. There is a lot of jumping up and down, screaming, throwing toys and just down right being defiant going on at our house. I know this phase doesn't last forever, but one week has been long enough for everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How do you make ends meet?

What are some of your tricks to save on food and clothes?

How do you generate a little extra income?

How do you entertain on a budget?

What are some ideas for an inexpensive night out?

Please share your ideas.

Monday, September 11, 2006


My pastor sent a cute little email out listing children's respones to different questions asked. I decided to ask Noah the questions and here are his responses:

Why did God make Mother's?
"To take care of us"

How did God make Mother's?
"by using his strength"

What ingredients are Mother's made of?
"people and God"

Why did God give you your Mommy and not some other Mommy?
"because my mommy lives in my house"

What kind of little girl was your Mom?
"I don't know"

What did Mom need to know about Dad before she married him?
"If he knew how to get dressed"

Why did your Mom marry your Dad?
"It was a long time ago and I don't remember"

Who's the boss at your house?

What's the difference between Mom's and Dad's?
"Daddy is a boy and Mommy is a girl"

What does your Mom do in her spare time?
"She does something... like work or something"

What would it take to make your Mom perfect?
"for her to get dressed"

If you could change one thing about your Mom, what would it be?
"She would wear different clothes"


Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Birthday Gift

Most mom's would agree that we usually don't make time to do something for ourselves. So when I received a monetary birthday gift, I jumped at the chance to spend it on ME!

Today I fulfilled that gift and went with a good friend out to lunch and then met up with several other good friends to see a play called "Nipples to the Wind".

It was a laugh out loud funny play about many different women that you have either encountered or have been sometime in your life. The title of the play is a euphemism of "head up, chin out" and it was truly befitting every one of the characters.

Thank you Sharon, a.k.a, Tutu for a wonderful birthday gift! I enjoyed myself all day!

Dip-A-De Do!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just a couple of "God-things"

I'm suprised I haven't had some "blog fanatic" complain about my lack of posting recently. So, with out further adieu...

Last week was full of eye-opening experiences.

The first being that I started back to work 2 days a week for a couple of hours and was met with such hostility that it took until Friday to realize how much it overwhelmed me. I will not go into the gory details because they are not what is important. What is important is what I learned about myself in the process. It was made crystal clear to me how much I have grown in my faith of Jesus. My lack of attitude and positive reaction to a bad situation was eye opening at best. I confronted the situation with an open heart and asked God to give me the strength, words and provide the timing to do what he wants. I was obedient and felt good about myself at the end of the day. I have peace that God has provided this opportunity for me to be a witness but it will not be accomplished without pain. Pain that is so minor in comparison to what Jesus did for me on the crosss.

A side note: After my first bad day back, I picked Noah up from school and asked about his day. I asked if he went to chapel and he said "yes". I then asked what he learned and he said "Mommy, God is around us all the time". He was right. (Noah has never told me what he learns in chapel, this was the first time.) How perfect is his timing!

The second amazing thing that happened was also about being obedient. I faithfully have been praying about a situation and asking for guidance. Well, the Lord answered and provided in his timing what was best for this situation. Matthew 18:15-20 was played out right before my eyes, and that was powerful!

Those of you who know me, ecspecially those of you who knew me growing up know that being obedient doesn't come easy for me. This is a new wonderful feeling! Praise God!