Monday, January 28, 2008

The unclouded mind

at dinner...
Mom: So Noah, what did you do in "discovery" at school today?
Noah: (enthusiastic) We played a game!
Mom: (after no apparent elaboration was on the way) What kind of game?
Noah: (excited) We got to draw cards and then tell how they the two cards are the same.
Dad: ?
Mom: How were your two cards the same?
Noah: (hopping and cannot share this story fast enough) I got two cards, Abbey got two matches and ...(the story turned left)
Daddy: How were your two cards the same?
Noah: I won, I won
Dad: gives up
Mom: How were your two cards the same?
Dad: what were your two cards?
Noah: A cow and a pumpkin
Mom & Dad: ? (the same how?)
Noah: (matter of factly) well, they both grow
Dad: in dazed disbelief
Mom: (wide eyed) scary huh?

Awards assembly

Noah with his medal around his neck and trophy in hand.

The winners from his class.

All the winners from Kindergarten.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Science Fair 2008

Congratulations to Noah for winning first place in his individual class as well as winning first place in the entire Kindergarten division. He now will go on to compete in the District science fair.

Noah came up with the idea of finding out which batteries were better, expensive or cheap. He tested Dollar Store AA batteries and Energizer AA batteries using a toy car to run the juice out of the batteries. He found out that Energizer lasts the longest (four times).

Noah's school consistently has the most entries for an Elementary school in his district and that was evident last night as we walked around and looked at all the entries. Everyone did such a great job and there was quite a few Kindergarten entries (15-20).

One of the grand prize winners tested cell phones (in use) up against hamburger meat. The meat started to cook on the outside while the phone was in use. Pretty scary for all you cell phone users out there. Gives us something to think about.

We are so proud of you did a fantastic job!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Watch out there is a new sherriff in town!

Santa delivered Camden's much anticipated police scooter this week. It is way too cute with lights and a siren! When he walked into the living room and saw it he said "Oh bananas! Santa's been here!" Santa, of course, had help from the big brown truck (because his sleigh only runs on Christmas Eve and is resting because it is so tired). Camden is convinced that the big brown truck had wings and a "pointy thing on top" that helped it get down the chimney. We may never know.

My spring cleaning has started for the year. It usually does after putting the Christmas decorations away. Noah's room has stressed me out every time I walked past it for the past 3 years. In the above picture, several of us all worked together to get it cleaned and organized. It is better, but still has a long way to go.

My kids have been begging to go outside for the last several weeks despite the freezing weather. Well, last week they got out and raked leaves and jumped in the pile. Noah was so desperate to be outside, he even shoveled s*&#!!!!. Thanks, Noah!

We had our trip to the dentist yesterday. I have never changed dentists from growing up and still drive to Mesquite. Happily, we found out that in March he will be relocating to Plano!!! Yippee!!!!! I was frightened for Noah, his teeth looked horrible and I was convinced he was going to have a mouthful of cavities. (This comes from eating tons of Halloween candy and not brushing his teeth for a month. Yeah gross, but that is life!) Anyway, his teeth were fine and he even has a few loose teeth. We were told that we are going to have to "help" several of his bottom teeth become loose because they probably are not going to come out on their own before his big teeth come in. Not looking forward to that.

Noah has his science fair open house tonight...we will let you know how he did. We are so proud of him for trying and doing his best.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just some funnies

Camden and I were sitting at the table yesterday. The washing machine was running in the background and when the water siphoned out it gurgled up in the kitchen sink. Camden looked at me and said, "Mommy, you must be very hungry, I just heard your tummy."

Driving home from school today with Camden - "Mommy, the kids teased me today when we played outside". Me- "what did they say?" Camden - "they said I was a giant" Me- "I thought you were a big guy" Camden - "I am NOT a big guy, I am NOT an enormous giant like Daddy!"

After 2 1/2 weeks of not venturing outside of the house (due to sickness), I was ready to return to work on Tuesday. As Camden and I were leaving the house, I turned around and saw the most pathetic "You can't possibly be leaving me here by myself" look from the dog. It reminded me of the depression commercial with the sad looking dog. For 1/2 a second I felt compelled to stay home one more day. I apologized to her and then thought to myself "my relationship with the dog is out of control!"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Slow and steady

Camden is doing awesome with his recovery. The swelling has gone down enough that the freight train snoring that we listened to for 5 days has been replaced with silent quiet breathing!!!! He hasn't had any pain medicine in several days and is almost back to eating the quantity of food he ate before the surgery. He is still on soft foods and is handling Spaghettio's, yogurt, eggs, bananas, apple sauce, etc. like a champ. He probably still has about a week until back to normal.

I went back to the doctor this week and had a chest x-ray. I am finally headed in the right direction and am feeling a little bit better each day. I am still pretty weak and I am not enjoying the side effects of my "not friendly" antibiotic that I am on. It will take a while until I have my energy back and he said that I may struggle with Reactive-airway through the spring. I am definitely taking it easy because I do not want to relapse. Four weeks is long enough for me to be down!!!

Other things that have happened this week....

Laundry has piled up...
The house is filthy...
The washing machine is leaking water all over the floor...
The garage door broke a spring and we all thought someone had run into our garage...
Santa still hasn't delivered Camden's scooter and he is not happy...
Camden has already had Mommy write another letter to Santa because he "didn't bring what I asked for on my list!"
Noah has found the world of Webkinz.
Camden is not happy that Santa did not bring him a Webkinz. (Ooops!)
Noah is finishing up his Science Fair project (yeah, I know... they do those in Kindergarten)
Brian has been an angel all week with sick people, working and picking up the slack. We love you!!!

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Someone is on the mend

Camden is feeling much better today. He had a hard day yesterday with the pain, but today is a new day and he is a happier kid.

I found out that I have pneumonia and I don't feel so great at all. I am on my 2nd round of antibiotics and hope they make the difference. Along with the Pneumonia, I also am having asthma problems. So, Camden and I will be making our home on the couch during the next week.

Brian and Noah go back to school on Monday and Camden and I will miss them!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A model patient

Camden came through his surgery beautifully. He was his usual, "not a care in the world" self. He took everything in stride. He had no problems when he awoke from surgery and we were asked if they could clone him because he was an excellent patient. His only tears that were shed were when he came home to find Noah gone and he cried because he missed his brother. The doctor said his tonsils and adnoids were huge and he will have a much easier time breathing and eating now that they are gone!!!

The recovery is 7 days with ice cream and soft foods and lots of rest. We have already seen this is going to be difficult in the short 3 hours that we have been home. He doesn't understand why he can't have "normal" food and he has spent little time on the couch resting. He also was back to yelling and rough-housing which we have repeatedly explained is a "no-no". To please his desire to "play", daddy has built him a fort to rest in on the couch (see above). Camden has not once complained about pain and we are shocked but thankful that he is not suffering too much.

Thank you for your calls and prayers, we appreciate them!!!!

Prayer Request

Camden will have his tonsils removed this morning. Please keep him in your prayers. We will update later.