Monday, September 18, 2006

What's New?

Here is what I have learned during the last week:

First, I wasn't aware until today that we have a budding Picasso (Camden) in our house. With this new fact comes the knowledge that windex will remove crayon from just about every surface of your home.

Second, I learned that when loading your groceries into the back of the car, make sure the milk and eggs are not near the door. Did you know that a gallon of milk takes more than one roll of papertowels to clean up? Your cleaning is not over after the papertowels either because then you have to mop the entire kitchen and garage floor because now it is sticky.

Third, we have a new pet in our house. It is a three-toed box turtle named Minnie. Not Minnie Mouse, but Minnie the turtle in case you were confused. (Noah, just wanted that clarified.) She was found in our yard and is fairly old. She appears to be a very active turtle and to the kids amusement she is out of her shell most of the time. She was supposed to be a temporary pet but of course the kids have fallen in love with her and now her fate is up in the air.

Fourth, the kids really are enjoying pre-school. Camden is still a bit shy at drop off but warms up quickly. He really likes playing trucks with "Michael" and going outside to play with Noah.

I am very impressed with Noah's teacher and the way she instructs her class. It appears he will be very prepared for Kindergarten next year. He is learning to "think outside the box". They are learning ways to solve problems without running to the teacher. Listening skills are being worked on as well as growing their attention span. These things will help with sitting in Kindergarten next year. She doesn't acknowledge whinning which has helped us since Noah seems to be in that stage currently. She also strongly encourages "higher learning" through the use of materials brought home and worked on with mom & dad. We are very blessed that God has provided the right teacher for both of the kids this year.

Fifth, We are in the middle of potty training with Camden. He is doing great wearing a pull-up and staying dry most of the day. We have experimented with underwear and it usually is a disaster. I have not found the right "incentive" that works for Camden yet.

Sixth, has anyone seen my fun-loving 2-year old? He seems to be missing. The terrible two's have arrived at our house, and it is not pleasant. There is a lot of jumping up and down, screaming, throwing toys and just down right being defiant going on at our house. I know this phase doesn't last forever, but one week has been long enough for everyone!!!


Roger K said...

Hi Sharon, I have been sitting infront of my cyclopean nemesis while I really need to hit the sack and thought of your blog and, having read the messages for a little while,I congratulate you. You make your family's life very interesting and I am impressed with your open remarks about your relationship with God. He truly is wonderful and He makes life worthwhile, not to mention the freedom one has from tension and frustration. Isa. 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in thee. Roger

Blueeyes said...

I saw your happy 2 year old just the other day at church...I will pray God to bring the sweet 2 year old back asap! Congrats on the Minnie.....Is she sill bleeding?

I love reading your blog! It gives me great insight on my future, and it actually does not scare me so much any more! A life with kids will be great! When my tots turn 2 I will be more than happy to send them to Auntie Sharon's and Uncle Brian's house for the afternoon! ;) Hugs!