Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing new to report

Just cruisin' along enjoying life at the moment. We are currently healthy and hope to stay that way.

Here is just a sample of what's been going on:

After a week without decent T.V. we finally broke down and got Dish. It's sad when Noah at age 5 can work the remote before his mom can. I asked him who taught him how to use it and he replied "I did it myself, mom". All right, then.

Camden is still defiant about potty training. He stays dry most of the time and changes his own pull "puu"-up on his own when he forgets to use the potty. However, he conveniently puts on real underwear right before he makes a stinky every time! I am running out of patience and underwear at this point.

Along the same line... Camden is getting tons of practice changing his own clothes everyday. He probably is going through at least 4 outfits a day. My washing maching hasn't had this much use since he was a newborn.

We bought Noah the first set of "Bob books" yesterday. The are learning to read books and the first book he zoomed right through. I already see glimpses into future homework issues though. He tends to loose patience when something doesn't come to him easy and then he shows his frustration.

I took the boys to story time yesterday and they did great sitting and listening to the stories. After, they received a picture to color and one crayon. Camden was quite offended by his color choice that he was given and made a point to stand in front of the crayon box and not move out of the way so the other kids could change their crayons. After trying the polite route with Camden, I just picked him up, slung him over my shoulder and off we went screaming through the store.

This next one might offend some, so sorry! This is just typical boy. Camden woke up the other morning still convinced that he is a race car. He then passed lots of gas and looked at me and said "Mommy, I am out of gas, I need to go fill up". You're right about that, buddy!

Last night for the first time Noah woke up and told me he had a nightmare about monsters. Camden was up about 3 times as well for some unknown reason. Wow, maybe Camden was Noah's monster. Would explain the unexplainable.

Well, sorry there is nothing exciting to report here. Please keep my friend Heather in your prayers. She has been in the hospital for too long and I pray that she has complete healing and is can be released soon.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've Got Sunshine...

I have never been more happy to see sunshine and start a new week as I was yesterday.

Last week seemed to move at a snail' s pace . Camden recovered slowly from Pneumonia and didn't start to feel better until Saturday. The cold rainy weather outside didn't add anything positive to my attitude last week. I was excited to hear that the Lake came up by at least 7 feet, YEAH!!! To top it all off, our cable went out and we were without T.V. for two days. We finally figured out that our little 4 inch T.V. would get 5 channels and we cherished each one of them. Finally on Sunday after 7 days we got new channels to watch.

Saturday night I got a reprieve and spent a wonderful girls night out with friends eating Italian food and bowling. Thanks Tammy for the wine, it was a wonderful addition to dinner. Bowling was tons of fun and took me back in time to when I was a teenager and hung out at the bowling alley on the weekends being "cool". I felt so out of place Sat. night with all the teeny boppers there. I just wanted to shout "hey, I used to be cool like you!" It's great to be reminded of some of the fun times of the past.

Camden broke out with a rash on his body on Monday night. Tuesday we were back to the Doctor's office. Fortunately, he is not allergic to the antibiotic. It was a rash caused by the antibiotic but not an allergic rash. Any hoo... I am ready to have a healthy household and resume normal activities.

Keep that sun shining!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter Fun 2007

I woke up this morning startled to find a man crouching underneath the fort in our living room. I gave a shout and asked "what are you doing here?" Brian emerged and said "what?" Again, I asked "what are you doing here?" Brian said, "have you looked outside?" "Why would I look outside, I just woke up?" Well, it was a pretty site outside and Brian got to spend the day at home enjoying all the fun.

Noah was anxious to get outside and have some fun. We bundled up with our coats, scarves and mittens and headed outdoors. We sledded down the street, threw snowballs and built a pint-sized snowman in the front yard. Garcie, the dog got in on the action and took a few snowballs to the fur. Camden was a good sport and spent most of the time inside watching and cheering us on. Noah's said it best today with, "Mommy, winter activities are so much fun!"

Here are a few pics from today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cabin Fever

UGHHHHH!!! Get me outta here please!

It has been a LONG weekend and this week is shaping up to be long as well. With predicted freezing rain last weekend, we settled in for time with the family playing games, watching movies and eating warm hearty food. When all was said and done we enjoyed being together and were very disappointed in the "ice storm".

Monday morning came and with it the hope of getting out of the house. That hope unfortunately will have to wait until this weekend because Camden has come down with Pneumonia. I really don't like it when my kids are sick. I worry so much that I start to feel physically sick. Please pray that the illness stops here and doesn't spread to the rest of us.

A side note: since I will be spending so much time in the house this week, I think I will put that can of yellow paint in the garage to use and brighten up the living room. I can dream can't I?

Friday, January 12, 2007

I've been tagged...so here it goes...

ABC’s of Sharon:

A - AVAILABLE OR TAKEN: Taken for the last 15 years.

B - BEST FRIEND: Lots of really good friends, some of whom I have known for 24 years.

C - CAKE OR PIE: Dutch Apple Pie




G - GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS: Yuck to both!!!

H - HOMETOWN: Born in Chicago, IL

I - INDULGENCE: Book Club and Blogging

J - JANUARY OR FEBRUARY: February...any excuse for chocolate!

K - KID'S NAMES: Noah, Camden

L - LIFE INCOMPLETE WITHOUT: God and my family

M - MARRIAGE DATE: summer 1995


O - ORANGES OR APPLES: Either one if someone cuts them up for me, otherwise, neither.

P - PHOBIAS OR FEARS: Elevators, Parking garages, Heights & being left alone

Q - FAVORITE QUOTE: None...I try not to retain too much information!

R - REASON TO SMILE: God is great!

S - SEASON: Spring

T - TAG 3 PEOPLE: Rebecca, Brooke & Laurie

U - UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I do not wash my feet or legs.


W - WORST HABIT: Picking at my cuticles and nails

X - XRAYS: Too many recently.

Y - YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: anything Italian


Wednesday, January 10, 2007



"This is going to make me cry." His words uttered after watching the Santa Clause movie. So like his mama. Anything sentimental makes me cry... those darn Hallmark commercials are the worst!

His favorite activity right now is to run as fast as he can. This means making hundreds of laps in the house or out in the yard. At school, he simply loves to chase the girls around the playground or roll down the grassy hill with his buddies. Why didn't I buy stock in bleach for grass stains? He is engrossed with his Leapster L-Max and is learning volumes from the educational games he is playing. He will sit for long periods of time and put together intricate Lego designs.

He is very protective and a bit bossy of his brother. His love and patience for Camden is enormous! Noah is still afraid to be left alone or go to the other side of the house by himself. All normal fears that will eventually fade.


He honestly believes that he is "Lightning McQueen", the race car. He repeats constantly "I am speed" and then races off to make hundreds of laps with Noah. His imagination is enormous. He changes his tires complete with sound effects and makes up stories to go along with his races.

He is still potty training not because he isn't ready but because he just simply makes the rules. Camden does what Camden wants. It is as simple as that. This can be very frustrating as a parent or down right comical.

He loves to be cuddled and read too. He constantly surprises me with his knowledge. He told me and my mom the letter names of a word he was looking at and looked up to see us staring at him with our mouths open. We haven't been working on letters and I had no idea he knew what they were.

Sharon -

I am awaiting the results of an x-ray to see if I have any markers for Rheumatoid arthritis. Since I was pregnant with Camden, my hands have always fallen asleep. Recently they have become painful up past my elbow. I have trouble getting a good nights sleep when my arms fall asleep about 40 times a night. It is probably Carpal Tunnel syndrome, but he wants to rule the other possibility out.

Brian -

I just praise God that he is healthy. It seems the past few years, he has been sick most of the winter. He is getting back in the grove of working and teaching lessons. Spring break is not far off and I also look forward to having him home with us.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year...

with it brings..

the wonderful weight losing stomach bug,

the ever popular virus that lingers on and on,

a letter from the city followed by two days of back breaking work for Brian and his dad to fix our fence,

a bruised cheek for Noah,

a cut cheek for Camden,

thousand of Christmas tree needles that I am tired of looking at

and the hope for better days ahead!