Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Start of a new year

Here he is, all ready and anxious to start the first grade. He had one litter quiver of nervousness at "meet the teacher" but those butterflies have settled and there is no stopping him now.

Oh my, how you have grown over the summer!!! You went from missing two teeth (thanks to your brother) to having 5 empty spaces ready to be filled. You have also grown in maturity. With much assurance and determination you stood firm in your decision about what type of backpack and lunch box you wanted this year. It wasn't about the "character" or the "newest" it was all about functionality for you (had to have a handle and wheels and the lunch box must attach) and I applaud you.

I know the Lord has great things planned for you, and I am going to just sit back and watch you grow. Happy first day of first grade, punkin eater!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Power Lab VBS

We survived another year of VBS. Brian and I ran the pre-school crafts/experiments station and enjoyed every minute of watching the kids have a great time. We exploded things, bubbled over with thankfulness and were brave enough to make and then touch slime!

Noah's got the power...

I celebrated a birthday during the week of VBS. Yes, I am 36. I'm not shy about telling you because Camden will tell you and complete strangers in the grocery store how old I am. We celebrated mine and my dad's birthday this past weekend. The boys thought that I would like a pink race car cake to eat .... and you know what, I did!!! Thanks guys for making me a really cool cake!!!!

A trip to the dentist

Camden had his first trip to the dentist in July. He did great!!! He really liked "Mr. Slurpee", the "special sunglasses" to protect his eyes and the "tickle toothbrush". No cavities to report...phew~!!!!

More summer fun

The summer isn't complete without a trip to the "beach" in one of our nearby communities. We met several cousins of Brian's for the day and just hung out swimming and building sand castles.

Afterwards, we drove to a local mall and rode the carousel.

We finished off the day with a frozen custard. YUM!!!

Sea World, Part 2

Day 2 at Sea World was spent at their water park area. This was the first time that Camden was tall enough to ride water slides. And ride water slides we did! Once he started he didn't want to stop. So, we spent the entire day wet and having a great time.

On our final day we drove to a wonderful Children's museum in New Braunsfel's, where the kids had fun relaxing and just playing.

Camden dressed as an astronaut complete with moon boots.

Noah and Daddy building dams in the water to change the flow.

Camden wallpapering the inside of a house.

Sea World, Part 1

Everyone LOVED Sea World!!!! This will be a blog post mostly of pictures and some highlights I don't want to forget!

The kids LOVED riding the roller coaster...over and over again!

Noah up close to the dophin after feeding it. He even was brave enough to touch it.

The 4-D movie was awesome!!! The special effects made you think that the object was coming out of the screen toward you, throw in water shooting at you from the seat in front of you and the chair vibrating when bees are flying toward you and you have the 4-D effect. Noah was pretty much terrified and took his glasses off immediately. Camden was so scared that he shook the entire movie but was not about to take his glasses off and miss anything.

We sat in the Shamu splash zone and got soaked immediately. That was some COLD water!!! I just love Camden's face, he was exhausted and was caught off guard by the cold water. What a good sport.

Love this picture. In the second car, third row are Brian with his hands up and Ross holding on for dear life!!! We rode every ride the kids could get on. They loved each one, their favorite being the "the Journey to Atlantis". Sharon quickly found out that as she gets older she is terrified of heights.

Summer Vacation

Our summer vacation got into full swing when Tutu and Ross arrived from Hawaii for a month!!! They started at our house with a birthday celebration at Love and War in Texas for Brian's Aunt. Later that night Brian and I were able to get away and watch Jerry Audley perform... what a treat.

Then they began traveling the state and visiting friends. We caught up with them in San Antonio and spent 4 days having fun.

First stop was the San Antonio Zoo. The highlight was riding the train around the park.
"I'll trade you two tickets for two kids!" (Just kidding)

Next stop...Sea World!!!!

July 4th

The morning of July 4th we went and watched our town's parade. The highlight for the kids was seeing Ronald McDonald and collecting tons of candy that was handed out.

Afterwards, we headed to my brother and sister-in-laws house for an old fashioned 4th of July lunch. We chowed down on BBQ, blackberry cobbler and ice cream and we did tons of swimming in the pool. We had noodle races and even played water baseball! Later that night, we watched our towns fireworks show. It was a sparkling 4th of July!!!

The next day we headed out to my parents to set off fireworks. Dad, just how many roman candles can you set off at once?

The boys finding a safe place behind Nana.