Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Finding time to blog lately is becoming harder and harder the more active we become. Here is a look at what we have been up to during the last month.

We took in a local minor-league baseball game and saw the Famous Chicken while we where there.
The above picture was taken after consuming way too much sugar from a snow cone! (Brian is saying "is it time to go yet?"

Next, we traveled to a friends lake house and enjoyed the weekend. We all had fun (mom included) going down the slide, riding the inner-tube and Jet Ski's and water skiing (yep, all of us were on ski's, some for the very first time!!!)

Camden learning to water ski. He loved every minute of it!!! The rope was a bit short and every time he would go head first back into the lake after getting up, he would yell "I want to do it again!"

Gearing up for the slide,

Going down the slide!

Noah learning to water ski. After much apprehension, he was a good sport and tried to ski. He proclaimed "he was done" and went back to doing other things.

Back safely in the boat.

Brian took the boys to pick blueberries and blackberries last weekend. They had a great time picking and eating berries. Mom is having an even better time trying figure out how to use all of these berries!

Both boys have also enjoyed swim lessons. When I ask Camden's teacher how he is doing, his reply is "Camden is always on an adventure.", which means "he is always doing his own thing." He has learned how to do front flips off the diving board and somersaults forward and backward under the water... oh wait... he's supposed to learn to swim in swim lessons...oops!!!

We have been to the local library several time for their summer fun program and the kids have enjoyed doing something different as well as seeing their friends from school.

Gymnastics and teaching Camden how to ride a bike without training wheels wrapped up our month.

Camden after the month of June!