Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A bit dramatic...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Last day of Kindergarten

Noah's first day of school picture back from August 2007.

Noah's last day of Kindergarten picture, June 2008. You are still the same happy energetic boy who's thirst for knowledge is insatiable. You have loved learning how to write, do math, how to investigate science questions and exploded in your reading capabilities. You have grown bigger and stronger and equally enjoyed P.E., Art, Music and the ever favorite recess. You have made wonderful friends who I hope will last a long time to come. We are so proud of your accomplishments this year. We love you!!!

Mommy and Camden joined you for a last day lunch. You even got the ice cream you have waited for all year!

Computer time....by far your favorite thing to do!

Doing your summer craft with your "girlfriend" Abby.

Saying good-bye to Mrs. England with a present and a card.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Tent camping at the lake 2008

Our Tent. The weather was gorgeous and you couldn't have asked for any better conditions for sleeping outside.

Who gave these kids water shooters???? They squirted anything and everyone that moved and had a blast doing it. Camden even fell off the dock head first trying to fill up his blaster... Thank goodness for life-jackets!!!

All the trees in the area were adequately sprinkled this weekend.

Wearing Daddy's shoes...while they were watering the tree. (Don't tell Brian, you know how WELL little boys aim:)

Hey, wait a minute...who let this big kid have a blaster. Paybacks a.k.a., being pushed in the lake when you are least expecting it, are just rough aren't they?

Relaxing and eating. We had some wonderful meals. Thanks Duane for the smoked brisket, ham and sausage they were out of this world!!! The raccoons even tried to have a snack later that night, thank goodness we had Brian to ward them off by throwing hot dog buns at them. Oh yeah, that just kept them around longer.

Pier jumping. Every combination of jumps you can think of was tried by the boys. No Fear!!!

Just a floating!

Digging for worms.

Four wheeling Fun. Don't worry the keys were well hidden. Camden spent several HOURS just sitting and dreaming...

Can't wait to do it next year!!! Well, I could do without the black racer snake coming up behind me and then getting to close to just about everyone!!!

Our secret Garden

This year we are growing a cherry tomato plant in our backyard. The boys picked out the plant and have been diligent with watering it and checking for new tomato's. The first ones were ripe this week and Noah confirmed they were delicious.

Happy Birthday Mark!!!