Monday, February 27, 2006

One VERY HAPPY Girl!!!!!!!!!!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snicker's bars, PB&J sandwiches, peanut butter toast, peanut butter on apples, peanuts, my grandmother's peanut blossom cookies and "buckeyes" are some of my favorite foods. I have not had any of these things in twelve years!!!!

Yes, I have a peanut allergy. It hasn't always been this way. One day at the young age of 21, I was eating homemade peanut butter cookies and my throat felt like it was trying to swell shut. So, what do I do? A few days later, I eat another peanut butter cookie. Same thing happened, so this time I took it seriously.

This past Sunday, a very thoughtful friend at church gave me a jar of Soy Wonder butter and told me to try it. I thought it was kind of her to remember my allergy since we had talked about it several months ago.

Monday at lunch, the kids were eating their REAL peanut butter crackers and I hesitantly got the Soy Wonder out and started to check it out. My first thought is "this can't possibly taste like peanut butter, it is made of soybeans. YUCK!!!" I started to mix it up and it began to LOOK and SMELL like peanut butter. The next step was to try it. This step did not come easy! I am the type of person who if something like PB has the potential to kill me, I am not going to try something that looks and smells like it even though it is not. My heart was pounding, I was shaking and very nervous as I lifted the cracker with Soy Wonder to my mouth and I took the first bite. I sat and waited with the Benadryl beside me to see if I was going to die.

I DIDN'T!!! And on top of that it was EXCELLENT!!!!! Why have I waited 12 years for this!!!! With tears of excitement in my eyes I proudly chowed down!!!! (another positive to Soy Wonder is that it is lower in calories and fat than peanut butter).

I am now trying to figure out if I can bake with the product. I am a VERY HAPPY GIRL!!! Thank you Joy for bringing Joy to my day today!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Texas PTA Honorary Life Member

"One of the highest honors that may be presented to individuals for outstanding service to children and youth. Presentations of life memberships are made to publicly recognize those who have give their time and ability in the interest of young people in Texas."

Last night at Southfork Ranch, almost 200 educators and/or volunteers were honored for their service.

This is what was spoken about Brian:

"This is year 12 of teaching, arriving at MMS in 2003. "I am motivated by the fact that students choose to be in my class." He has always tried to show a picture of a life-long love of music to the students. From school concerts, Full Orchestra opportunities, performing works with the choirs, accompanying theater performances, even an occasional wedding, church, or special event, students are able to receive a full picture of the possibilities of music. What he wants everyone to know is that teaching students music is his first choice of anything he could do. Finally, what he does not want anyone to know: (especially don't tell Dr. "O"), "I would do this for free.""

It was a great evening of dinner, music and awards. Congratulations specifically to Brian, Van, Suzanne, Kim and Linda for all your service.

Thank you to Mark and Tiffany for watching the boys last night. I know they had a great time eating McDonalds and playing games together. I know the boys really love spending time with Mark and Tiffany. Thanks again!

Speaking of Tiffany... (more to come)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Smack ya"

That's what my 4-year old said to me after he gave me a high-five.

What are they teaching him in Sunday school?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Taking a break

Noah & Camden's friend, Luke, came over to play today. They all had a full day of playing with every toy imaginable. All three had worked up quite an appetite and were very willing to sit down and eat lunch. After lunch and a quick nap, they were back at it for the afternoon.

Somehow Camden knew that Luke was was younger than him (only by 3 months) because he decided to play the "big brother" role to him. (he knows this role well by watching his older brother act it out daily). Anyway, Camden was seen on numerous occasions pointing to objects and labeling them to Luke. (Camden's speech teacher would be proud!) Luke, on the other hand, just looked at him as if to say, "I already know that, move on!"

Luke got him back when Camden picked up something he shouldn't and Luke reminded him with a "no-no".

We really enjoyed having Luke over to play. Hope he can come again soon!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Week-end Wrap-up

Here are the highlights since Wednesday:

*Wednesday: Brian prepares to leave for a convention and Noah gets the stomach virus. Only the second time that Brian has been to this convention. The first time Brian went, Noah had the stomach virus. There will be no more convention for Brian.

*Thursday: Sharon is flying solo. Soccer practice mayhem ensues later in the day. Strong winds blow all night. From 1:30 am to 6:00 am, Sharon believes that:
a. the roof is being ripped apart
b. the fence is slowly falling down
c. someone keeps shooting off a shotgun.

The correct answer would be "none of the above". It turns out the dart board was being blown around and slamming into the house. Not much sleep for Sharon. However, Brian calls from the convention to say he had a great night sleep and woke up at 9:00 a.m.!

*Friday: Pretty uneventful day. Sharon goes to sleep and wakes up at 5:00 a.m. with a 4-year old staring at her. She returns to sleep hoping to make it to the alarm at 5:50 a.m. At 5:30 a.m. one dog decides she can't wait any longer and must go out. So much for a good nights sleep. Again, Brian calls and says "he hasn't slept this well in 4-years".

*Saturday: Dudu & Gigi arrived to watch the boys and Gigi has brought the makings for Banana muffins. Unfortunately for her, the only help the boys will provide her with, is eating the muffins not making them. Daddy arrives home. YEAH!!!!!! Mommy gets a much needed break in the evening and enjoys a friends birthday party.

*Sunday: We went to see Nana & Papa's new house. YEAH!!!! It is beautiful. The kids enjoyed pulling every last toy out that they haven't seen in 6-months. While Sharon helped unpack a couple of boxes. But the major highlight of the evening was:

CAMDEN TINKLED IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

The next Dallas Burn in the making...

Yes, that's right folks. Here are the future members of the Dallas Burn.

As you can tell they are EXCITED! It just so happens they are excited because in the first 20 minutes of practice the temperature dropped 20 degrees and they were all freezing. The wind was blowing at approx. 30 miles an hour and most of them were yelling that their hair was going to fly off and they were excited because they smelled something bad and were trying to figure out which one did it. (Don't tell them, but it was actually smoke from a nearby fire).

So, there was not much control during the practice and their first game is coming up and most of them don't have a clue what to do with the ball.... but they are EXCITED!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Strange Happenings

First.... There was "the smell". We still don't know what it was or where it came from but it permeated our house for 3 days.

Second... Noah took a 3 1/2 hour nap today. (WOW) After waking up he just wanted to lay on the couch. No dinner tonight. No fever. And then he THREW UP! Why? I don't know!

Third... The phone rang at least six times today. I never heard it. Yes, the ringer is on.

Just one of those days.

Happy Valentine's

We woke up to find Valentine's gifts waiting for us at breakfast. The kids loved opening their cards and were excited about their race car chocolates and heart-shaped sippy cups.

For dinner we stayed at home and had what Noah called a "fancy dinner". We broke out the table cloth and ate a fabulous steak and potato dinner. It was a great Valentine's day.

I love you, __________ Brian, Noah & Camden.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One Embarrassing Moment

I used to work in an athletic shoe store in the mall when I was 17-18 years old. Here is a moment from those days...

The manager walked over to me and said:

"We just got a new shipment of shoes in and we do not have enough wall space to put them away. Sharon, could you go down to the competition and ask to borrow their wall-stretcher?"

"Sure, no problem" I said.

I walked down to the competition and asked for the manager and then asked him if I could borrow their wall-stretcher, "because we have to many shoes and we need to stretch the walls to make them fit."

"No problem", he replied. He went into the back room of the store and came out with 2 VERY long metal poles, and a mannequins arm.

"Thank you, I will return them just as soon as we are done". said Sharon.

I very casually walked half-way around the mall to our store with the wall-stretcher. Entered our store and gave them to the manager, at which point everyone just stood their and stared at me.

"What?" I said. "Here's your wall-stretcher"

I never caught on until someone explained to me that there is no such thing as a wall-stretcher. And, I didn't believe them the first time they told me.

Yes, I am that gullible!

Monday, February 13, 2006








Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ode to the Dryer

It was a sad, sad day on Saturday in our house. We had to say our final good-byes to the dryer. With tears it was ushered out and will be missed with every load of laundry that will dry from hear on out.

Why are we so sad, you ask? You see, it was my parents gas dryer that we have been using on loan until their house was ready. We in return, were letting them use our electric dryer. Still don't understand why. Have you ever dried a load of laundry with a gas dryer? It takes 1/2 the time of an electric. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! When you do 8-9 loads of laundry a week that is the difference in taking one day to do all those loads instead of 3 days. I do have to say, I will not miss hearing the gas sound slowly start up and then BANG kick in and start heating. Every time it did that I was waiting for the house to blow up!

So long my good and faithful friend. Until we meet again one day...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Jumping on the bandwagon...

This has been going around blogland for a while, so it is time I put my two-cents in.
(Brian's answers)

1. Mom 1. roofer
2. Office Manager 2. 4yr old substitute teach (with stories)
3. Hot Dog Salesman 3. shoe salesman (where I met a girl w/ quirks galore)

1. Grease 1. Caddyshack
2. Can't Buy Me Love 2. Star Wars
3. Sixteen Candles 3. Rocky I,II,III
Do I have to stop here?
1. Anything by Nicholas Sparks 1. Dr Seuss
2. J.C.Penney catalog 2. Beethoven symphonies 1-9
3. Any children's book (not really for me, but for my kids)
3. "Dear old Dozer, he is creaky and old"...
1. Chicago, IL 1. Beaumont, TX
2. Monroeville, PA 2. Huntsville, TX (institution of learning not correction
3. Willis, TX 3. Rowlett, TX

1. The Amazing Race 1. Rastlin'
2. House Hunters 2. Trick shot billiards (espn the deuce)
3. Guiding Light 3. Inside the Actor's Studio

1. Alaska 1. California, HWY 1
2. Hawaii 2. Niagra Falls, NY/CAN
3. Paullina, Iowa 3. Vail, CO

1. The Bank 1. Yahoo
2. E-Bay 2.
3. Friend's blogs 3.

1. A taste of Italy in Garland, TX 1. Carusos (Italian...Singing Waiters, the good ol' days)
2. The House Cafe in Richardson, TX 2. THE WAFFLE HOUSE
3. Two-Rows 3. Buco De Beppo

1. Any thing Italian: Manacotti, Canaloni, spaghetti, etc. 1. Etoufee (blue-eyes, is that spelled right?
2. Brownies 2. Cajun
3. Honey-Pepper Bacon Burger from Tow-Rows 3. Steak

1. Playing in a pile of snow 1. snow skiing
2. Touring with a rock band 2. still giggling at the left answer... at the beach
3. On a lake water-skiing 3. Camping

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Strange Quirks

I posted on why I do not like crock-pot cooking several weeks ago. I realized today while talking to a friend it is more than what I posted about. I can't stand to have any of the food sticking up out of the water, whether it is in a crock-pot or a pan on the stove boiling with food in it. I just have to poke the food down under the water. Yes, I know I am odd. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Here are some of my other quirks:
*I have to put both socks on first and then my shoes.
* I can NOT stay in my p.j.'s all day, they have to be off by 8:30 am and back on no earlier than 9:00 p.m.
*Before I start the car, the door is locked, seatbelt and sunglasses are on.
*I HAVE to take a shower EVERY day!
*I eat my food one thing at a time.
*When in the meat department, I have to poke on all the meats. I like the way it feels under the wrap.
*I love the smell of plastic... come on beach balls.
*My drink has to be at the top right of my plate at meal time.

I'm sure I have a few other quirks. If anyone would be willing to share them, I'm game. (I may be asking for trouble... oh well, that's the fun of it)

Crock Pot Cooking Take II

This one is for you "Blue Eyes".

The obsession begins. I am crock pot cooking again. This time I am making a roast, potatoes and carrots. Have I mentioned, I totally dislike crock pot cooking?

I am feeling the gravitational pull to lift the lid.... gotta go!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Not much...

It has been a great day! I always panic a little when we don't have anything on the agenda for the day. "What am I going to do ALL day with the kids", type of panic. It turned out to be a day to just enjoy each other. I am blessed that the boys actually like to play with one another and also love to be read to. We went to the library and came home and read about 8 books together. I also found time to finish my book club book, "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. It was a really good read, I recommend it.

Didn't do much else, the usual.... finish laundry, vacuum, referee Gracie and her insane obsession with food (will blog more about this later) and start on our taxes (UGH!!!)

I received a very cool email this evening from my grandparents... they have their very first computer and just got on-line and sent their first emails. I am so proud of them. It will be an awesome way for them to keep up with all their children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. Way to go!!!! (who knows, maybe there will be a blog in their future)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Family Affair

Everyone seems to be improving. Some more slowly than others. Please continue praying for continued strength and health for Noah.


Family-filled weekend: Friday night my parents came over and visited with us. We haven't seen them for two-weeks, I think their was some withdrawal going on. If all goes well, they will be moving into their new house next weekend.

Saturday: Brian's dad and Peggy came over to babysit the boys in the morning. They are so great with the kids. Peggy always brings a craft for them to do and the boys just love it. They made valentines with markers, glue, paper hearts, etc.

After a nap, Mark and Tiffany surprised us with a visit. We all had a good time playing games together. Thanks for stopping in! They are so cute together! They remind me of what it was like when Brian and I were dating and it was just the two of us. Just so into each other. They make you want to have a group hug. Ok, enough...


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Which child would this be????

* Attention was inconsistent.
* Was attempting to be in control.
* Refused many activities & frequently refused to imitate.


This was part of the evaluation written today for Camden from his speech therapist. He has made great progress from his initial assessment, however he hasn't made any new progress in the last few weeks. Mom & Dad have lots of observing & note-taking to do this week to see if there is a pattern as to why he is not moving forward.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mr. T. times 2... SCARY!

Yes, my boys love to play with all of their Great-Grandmother's necklaces while I am in the shower. Brian's grandma passed away five years ago and I always take the time to talk about her with the kids when they are playing with her things.


Finally got to go to sleep about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. What a long 2 days it has been. Everything was going fine until Monday when Noah started his asthmatic cough. We didn't think anything was unusual until he went to bed and his cough changed. At midnight he and I went to the E.R. After a chest x-ray, another breathing treatment and a steroid we were told that he had croup. We got home at 3:30 am. Since an asthmatic shouldn't be put in a steamed-filled room (that is the treatment for croup) we aren't left with a lot of choices other than steroid use. After a trip to his regular Dr. on Tues. he felt like it was either croup or asthma, and continue breathing treatment and steroid use for several days. ----------------- Wed. morning... He is much better and on the road to resume normal activities. Please keep him in your prayers as well as Camden that he will be spared the croup.

A side note: last night Brian, Noah and I had run out of gas but Camden had a full tank. I had gone to lay down and the three guys were watching a movie. While Brian and Noah slept Camden went exploring. (Big surprise!) When Brian woke up, Camden was holding the hand soap and was smelling quite good because he had pumped it all over himself. I guess he decided he was going to give himself a bath without the water.