Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spoooky Night with movies and pumpkin carving!
Great Fun

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Western Round-up

Friday was western day at school for Camden. His two favorite things: going to school and playing dress-up were almost too much for him to handle. He was decked out and looking very handsome in his western duds. He picked up his trusty horse a.k.a. Soda Johnson (Camden picked out the name) and rode into the sunset. Okay, not really into the sunset but he rode all over the playground.

The love of running

As far back as I can remember, Noah has always had a love of running. More than baseball or soccer or football, he just loves to run. When he brought home a flyer for Marathon Kids from school, it piqued my curiosity. He was crazy excited about running a marathon, so how could I resist.

He attended the opening ceremony where he ran a lap around the track. At the end of the school year, when he completes his marathon, he will receive a medal for his accomplishment.

Run, Noah, Run!!!

Halloween choices...

So many costumes to choose from.

The boys got creative with a box, markers and misc. items around the house and made themselves robot costumes. I don't think they will be worn on the big night (they each have already decided on Darth Vader) but they had fun being creative and even more fun playing around.