Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing new to report

Just cruisin' along enjoying life at the moment. We are currently healthy and hope to stay that way.

Here is just a sample of what's been going on:

After a week without decent T.V. we finally broke down and got Dish. It's sad when Noah at age 5 can work the remote before his mom can. I asked him who taught him how to use it and he replied "I did it myself, mom". All right, then.

Camden is still defiant about potty training. He stays dry most of the time and changes his own pull "puu"-up on his own when he forgets to use the potty. However, he conveniently puts on real underwear right before he makes a stinky every time! I am running out of patience and underwear at this point.

Along the same line... Camden is getting tons of practice changing his own clothes everyday. He probably is going through at least 4 outfits a day. My washing maching hasn't had this much use since he was a newborn.

We bought Noah the first set of "Bob books" yesterday. The are learning to read books and the first book he zoomed right through. I already see glimpses into future homework issues though. He tends to loose patience when something doesn't come to him easy and then he shows his frustration.

I took the boys to story time yesterday and they did great sitting and listening to the stories. After, they received a picture to color and one crayon. Camden was quite offended by his color choice that he was given and made a point to stand in front of the crayon box and not move out of the way so the other kids could change their crayons. After trying the polite route with Camden, I just picked him up, slung him over my shoulder and off we went screaming through the store.

This next one might offend some, so sorry! This is just typical boy. Camden woke up the other morning still convinced that he is a race car. He then passed lots of gas and looked at me and said "Mommy, I am out of gas, I need to go fill up". You're right about that, buddy!

Last night for the first time Noah woke up and told me he had a nightmare about monsters. Camden was up about 3 times as well for some unknown reason. Wow, maybe Camden was Noah's monster. Would explain the unexplainable.

Well, sorry there is nothing exciting to report here. Please keep my friend Heather in your prayers. She has been in the hospital for too long and I pray that she has complete healing and is can be released soon.

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Rebeccalynn_dj said...

You know it was exciting to report those things. Your life is normal, if there is such a thing, and that is nice to hear. I don't want to hear that you have been up all night with a kid throwing up, or that you are ill. I love to hear that life is going well.

How wonderful that Noah is reading. Its such a honor to be able to see your kids brains develop and watch the lights turn on as they begin to recognize and learn.

I pray that your life stays uneventful, except for fun things. I will also pray that you remember in the normalcy of life, you remember to take care of yourself. :)