Friday, February 24, 2006

Texas PTA Honorary Life Member

"One of the highest honors that may be presented to individuals for outstanding service to children and youth. Presentations of life memberships are made to publicly recognize those who have give their time and ability in the interest of young people in Texas."

Last night at Southfork Ranch, almost 200 educators and/or volunteers were honored for their service.

This is what was spoken about Brian:

"This is year 12 of teaching, arriving at MMS in 2003. "I am motivated by the fact that students choose to be in my class." He has always tried to show a picture of a life-long love of music to the students. From school concerts, Full Orchestra opportunities, performing works with the choirs, accompanying theater performances, even an occasional wedding, church, or special event, students are able to receive a full picture of the possibilities of music. What he wants everyone to know is that teaching students music is his first choice of anything he could do. Finally, what he does not want anyone to know: (especially don't tell Dr. "O"), "I would do this for free.""

It was a great evening of dinner, music and awards. Congratulations specifically to Brian, Van, Suzanne, Kim and Linda for all your service.

Thank you to Mark and Tiffany for watching the boys last night. I know they had a great time eating McDonalds and playing games together. I know the boys really love spending time with Mark and Tiffany. Thanks again!

Speaking of Tiffany... (more to come)


Heather said...

Brian--I am so proud of you. What an accomplishment. It's teachers like you that leave an indelible mark on kids. Years down the road we may have a famous pianist or orchestra conductor as a result of your labor. How exciting. I hope that you proudly display your plaque or trophy or whatever they presented you with. That's quite an honor. Re: Tiffany......I'm getting the distinct feeling that we might have the future "Mrs. Rawley" some time soon....(wink) Go Mark, Go Mark....she seems like such a sweet girl from what I've heard.

Blueeyes said...

Congrats Brian! I am proud of you! I still remember my favorite teacher from High School! The man inspired by greatly!

Mark said...

We had a great time hanging with the boys too! It was great to get to spend the evening with them....we will would love to do it again!!

I have no comment on the Mrs Rawley comment.... WINK WINK!!


Heather said...

Right Mark!(wink, wink). We'll await "the news" with patience.