Monday, February 26, 2007

To catch you up...

The boys have both been sick and after another visit to the Dr. today they are good to go. Noah got a clean bill of health and Camden has a sinus infection that will go away with drugs, Yeah!!!

Since they are better, we are going to take advantage of the beautiful weather today and play outside. The sunshine always makes me feel better and I need to get out and rake the leaves and clean up the porch after the long winter we had.

Another reason I may be feeling better is that I gave up breads and pasta for Lent. I have noticed that they tend to drag me down. I am eating lots of fruits and veggies and actually enjoying it, which surprises me, because I am not a huge fan of either.

Mark and Tiffany's pre-wedding festivities are in full swing. Brian and I enjoyed being part of each of their bachelor and bachelorette parties the past two weekends. They are very blessed to have a wonderful group of godly friends. Their wedding will be here before we know it!

Noah has been busy playing soccer. He is probably one of, if not the fastest kid on the team. His love of running is huge! He is still very cautious in a huddle of kids to kick the ball, which does not surprise us because he is not aggressive by nature.

Camden has been busy playing soccer as well, just not on any official team. He believes he is part of Noah's team and it is quite a challenge at practice and at games to keep him off the field. He is loving it and we can't wait until he is 3 so he can "officially" play. Watch out when he does play, because his aggressive nature will be something to watch on the field.

Some cute things the kids have said:

Noah - "Mommy, don't sign me up yet for the... snow... riding on the board... down the hill... sport yet. I haven't had enough practice for that yet."

Mommy- thinking to her self... "What? When have you ever snow-boarded?"

Camden - "Mommy, my ears are broken. Dr. Daniel needs to fix them, he has an ear tool to do that."

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Blueeyes said...

Can we please get an UPDATE from ya? Your Readers have been patiently waiting?! :)