Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Car Surfing... a new extreme sport?!?!

That's right folks, Sharon is doing her best to find a new sport for the X-Games. She has tried skim-boarding and now she has tried car-surfing. Luckily, no injuries were incurred while car-surfing.

It's really not as exciting as it sounds, but it was a whole lot of fun!

We spent Monday evening at my parent's house where we set up our tent down by the lake. Everyone helped "pitch" the tent and Camden did his best to put as much dirt on his body as possible. First stop, the fire pit where he fell into. (Not burning, of course)

About an hour later, the Park Ranger came by and told us we could not camp overnight on the property so we had the daunting task of moving the tent and 2-air mattresses up the hill to my parent's land with a 2 & 4 year old in tow. I might mention at this point, that the wind had picked up quite a bit!!!

We drove the Tahoe down to the site and loaded the sheets, pillows, fans, lanterns, etc. into the back of the car. Brian and I then wresteled a queen-size-double-stacked mattress onto the top of the SUV. It was tied loosely to the top of the vehicle and it was then decided that I would ride on the back of the bumper holding down the mattress.

Good news to report, the mattress did not "fly" away and nobody was injured during this "sport". It was a whole lot of fun though!

Next the four of us had to carry the 24 x 10 tent up the hill. No easy task, but it was accomplished. Noah led the way singing "what's going to work? Teamwork". Camden brought up the rear touching everything green that we told him not to touch. He also sang the "teamwork" song. More good news to report, no poisin ivy on Camden... Halleluia!

Camden then found the dirt on my parents screened porch. After pressing his face against the screen he was pretty well covered. So, off to the tub for a bath. Taking a bath in my parent's tub proved to be quite a challenge for Camden. They have a jacuzzi tub that is very deep. Camden thought that the back of the tub was a slide and kept trying to slide down the tub. Maybe we just found another new X-Games sport.

Camping was fun. We had a great breeze which made it pretty cold by 2 a.m. No animal sightings... that is always good as well.

Tuesday morning, my parents invited their neighbors over for a "get to know one another breakfast" that was a success. The food was awesome and it was great to meet each of their neighbors.

We headed home and all had a 3 hour nap. We are now ready to go watch the fireworks. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day!!!


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

you are WAY more adventurous than myself.

I guess thats why you have the song with the lines

where adventure means courage!

I am gad you all are healthy and no animals came.

I have never thought of sliding on the back of the bath tub, sounds fun ;)

Heather said...

Sharon--I'm so proud of you. There was a time when you wouldn't go camping. I distinctly remember saying, "Let's go camping" and you were like, "Nope, don't do camping--BUGS!"

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...


Do you guys like to camp? If so, when it gets cooler we should go. You are right about bugs. I still do not like them. However, I am in the minority in this family and I am going to have to get over it pretty quick.

There was a point when the Park Ranger was shouting into his megaphone and his siren was wailing that Brian had flashbacks of a time out on the lake fishing with Jason. Ah, memories...

Blueeyes said...

Hey.......don't leave the Single Girl at home......I'm coming camping with you guys!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

hey the flashback with Jason and the $174 fish is not something we bring up around here.


Blueeyes said...

That's a story I would love to hear soon!