Saturday, December 24, 2005


We have had a very busy week. Sorry for not blogging sooner. The kids great-grandparents are here visiting and we have been busy spending lots of time with them. We went and saw the "Ice" exhibit at The Gaylord Texan. WOW, that is impressive! If you get a chance, go and see it. (A little pricey, but worth it)

Christmas Eve has arrived and with it the anticipation of Santa's arrival. I realized this afternoon when Noah was telling me that we needed to light the fireplace because it was going to get cold and snow today, that he still thinks that Santa is only going to come on Christmas when it snows. I tried to explain that it is too warm in Texas to snow, but that Santa will still come.

We had a busy and fun day. We started at Brian's Aunt Tisha's house and had a good time with Brian's immediate family. Had a yummy ham snack with lots of sides to go with it. Then it was present time. The kids went nuts! It was great! Then we were off to Brian's Great Aunt Mac's house to celebrate with the extended family. About 35 people in two rooms, 10 of them kids... it was awesome! Again, we had some wonderful food, at last count I think Camden had eaten 5 chocolate chip cookies, 13 crackers and nothing nutritious. But, that's what holidays are for. The kids opened gifts and then the adults played the "pass around" game. We came home with, Candyland, Sorry, and a remote control car for Brian.

The kids are sound asleep, and I think I hear Santa's sleigh on the roof. Good night, and Merry Christmas!

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