Monday, June 25, 2007

Baseball and Dinosaurs

This weekend we watched Noah play 2 baseball games. The kids have really come a long way since the beginning of the season. Most of the kids are now hitting pitches the coach is throwing, including Noah. They are also making plays on the field as well. Noah stopped the ball and tagged two runners out in his game on Sunday. He was so excited!

I took the boys to Fair Park on Saturday for a birthday party at The Museum of Natural History. What a neat place to have a birthday party. It is more geared for kids Noah's age and older but Camden was just as fascinated with the dinosaurs. All the kids were given a "dinosaur egg" that they had to open with a hammer. Inside they found a plastic dinosaur for each of them to keep. Included in the party was a free pass to spend the rest of the day at the museum.

Brian attended his family reunion on Saturday while the kids and I were at the museum. We are sorry we missed seeing everyone and all the good food! We will be there next year for sure.

This week looks to be a little slower pace for us which is good. We are all in need of a little down-time.

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