Sunday, February 11, 2007

Soccer mania

It's that time of year. The soccer craze has hit our house. Noah had his first game on Saturday and was completely wore out after running for approx. an hour. It may also have something to do with he is still fighting off a stomach virus.

Boy do I wish they let 2 year olds play soccer in our town. Everday for the last week Camden has been decked out in soccer gear. He "borrows" his brother's soccer socks and puts them on. They are so cute they go all the way up to his hips. He then puts on Noah's old soccer shoes, which are 3 sizes too big and Noah's soccer shirt from last season. Once he looks good he strikes a pose and yells "Soccer" and then runs as fast as he can go through the house kicking things.

Camden was not happy at all after Noah's soccer game. He kept telling me that "it made him sad". After much decoding of a 2 year olds language, I understood that he was sad because he was not asked to play and "kick the ball". He is keenly aware of the fundamentals of the game on and off the field. He told me tonight after I brought in the gatorade that I bought at the store that "soccer players drink one red drink at a time, only one mommy." O.k. buddy.

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Tutu said...

Bless you heart, Sharon. You are an incredible mommy. I'm not sure I would have so much patience! Love yes, patience - well, maybe not!! But then, again, we have no choice,do we. A mom's got to do what a mom's go to do. Thank you for being such a wonderful mom to my grandsons and a wonderful wife to my wonderful son. Love you all! Happy Valentine's Day! Tutu