Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I was greeted to a sweet Valentine's surprise in my bed this morning. Both boys and Gracie were snuggled up warm watching a bit of T.V. Since I thought they looked so cute, I took them, minus Gracie, to Crispy Creme for a heart-shaped donut for breakfast. Gracie wasn't too happy!

After breakfast we headed home and I was surprised to find Tulip's, my favorite flower, waiting for me in the kitchen.

The kids had their school Valentine's Day parties yesterday and had a great time. They each made their own Valentine holders and a special present for Mom & Dad. Camden also made a "Love-bug" hat to wear for the festivities. They received lots of sweet treats from their friends that have caused quite a sugar high. They were sporting new red Valentine's shirts from their Great Nana & Great Papa, Thank You!!!

Tonight for dinner, Mommy is making a special dinner of Pork loin, potatoes, carrots, salad and dessert! Can't wait! We wish you a very special Valentine's Day!


Blueeyes said...

Cute Pics! Where's my krispy creme heart shaped donut? YUM!

Heather said...

What sweet little valentine's.

Heather said...

I updated my blog today.

Anonymous said...

wish I was there for the game today


Tutu said...

That's a precious picture. How sweet.
I don't know what kind of ice cream I am because I like them all. Butter Pecan is really good and Baskin Robbins "Baseball Nut" is probably my favorite.
Love you all,