Saturday, November 18, 2006

Noah's big day

Today my baby is 5 years old. Wow, where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday I was laying in the hospital for 4 days waiting to welcome him into this world.

Dear Noah,

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the opportunity to be your mother. Since your birth, you have brought unending joy into so many people's lives. It has been so much fun to watch you grow and mature into the big boy that you are. You have such a compassionate heart for your friends and family. I love that you are always thinking of other peoples feelings first. Your love of learning keeps me in awe. Your mind is like a sponge soaking in everything around you and then at a drop of hat, pulling that knowledge out and using it.

Noah, you are a great big brother to Camden and I am so proud that you are my son. May all your wishes come true today. Happy 5th Birthday to my little "pumpkin eater". I love you.


Noah and his friends went bumper bowling today for his birthday. They all had such a great time. It was too cute to watch them huddle around the ball return, very possessive of every ball. Daddy made a Lightning McQueen and TowMater cake, complete with mud tracks behind TowMater and Lightning's number in sprinkles. After opening presents and playing a few video games, we headed home and crashed. Here are a few pics. from the day.

This picture cracks me up! While Noah was opening his presents, Camden was confiscating them behind his back!

Opening a present from Tutu and Ross!

Bowling with friends from school.

Daddy's cake creation.

Happy Birthday, Noah!


Heather said...

Happy birthday big boy. It seem's like just yest. that you were born. What a sweet blessing you are to everyone around you. What a smart boy you are. I hope you enjoyed your Tow-Mater & Lightening cake. Brian--GIT R DONE!

Tutu said...

Hard to believe Noah is five. Wow. And he is so articulate on the phone. I can't WAIT to play Ants In The Pants & Sorry with him and Camden. Thank you for sharing on BLOG. I am so thankful for technology that brings me closer to my grandsons and his mom and dad. Love, Tutun & Ross