Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Noah & Camden in October

October thru December has always been a very busy time for our family. This year is no exception. This week we are finishing up Halloween costumes and putting the finishing touches on our car's entry for our church's "Trunk or Treat that will be held next weekend. The box of fall decorations finally made it off it's temporary spot on the dryer and I am happy to report the decorations are out and it is starting to feel festive at our house. We will end the week with a big family celebration for Brian's 35th birthday.

Here are a few things that are going on with the kids at the moment:


*When he describes anything it is always very detailed. For example, when he runs he is going "1,000 miles per hour" or another one is "I will do that in 98 minutes, Mommy". He likes the concept of time and numbers, but doesn't grasp how long they actually are.

*Mr. Social!!! He is friends with everyone and knows everything about them.

*He is currently very afraid of going anywhere by himself. This seems to be more of an issue with our house, since Whitney died.

*He loves to run and run fast.

*He is reading simple words from books.

*He adores his brother and can be a bit of a boss. He likes things to be his idea only. Although, when pointed out that other people have opinions he relents.

*The toys he plays with are still trains and cars. He really enjoys puzzles and games as well. He is very good at riding his bike.

*He still is not potty trained at night.

*Noah has become a really good eater, something I wasn't sure would ever happen.

*He is not afraid of roly-poly bugs or geckos.


*He is currently the most strong-willed child I know. He has terrible tantrums that include screaming at the top of his lungs and jumping up and down for an hour at least. The only thing that calms him is if you can get him to say "yes" to any question. Then he thinks he has control.

*He has learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 2 1/2.

*He watches and imitates everything his brother does and says.

*He learns very quickly, I only having to repeat a new concept (shapes, colors, etc.) just a few times before he remembers.

*He still loves to be held.

*After laying down in bed, he kicks the wall and talks to himself LOUDLY before falling asleep an hour after going to bed.

*He has to pick out his own clothes.

*He has to sleep with his dirty shorts that he worn that day in bed with him.

*He still find comfort and security in his "blue" blanket.

*Mr. Independent!

*He is currently afraid of Moses, because he is loud.

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Blueeyes said...

WOW! Great descriptions of your Boys! They are wonderful children! I love them dearly.

Happy Birthday, Brian. Welcome to the Old Man Club!