Thursday, May 04, 2006

What have we been up to?

Warning: this may be a long post!

To answer the question... LOTS!!!

Noah wrapped up his first soccer season with 2 goals in his last game. He was on fire!!! Several of his teammates including Noah put it all together and played a real great game. They were kicking the ball, stopping it, turning it around and taking the ball away from opposing players. Hats off to the Tiger's for a great season. The Tiger's celebrated at Peter Piper Pizza with cake, pizza, games and of course a trophy! The day wouldn't be complete without one of my children using the bathroom behind an office building. (Don't ask, I have said too much already.)

Noah has now switched gears and is enjoying playing T-ball. The Cub's have their first game this weekend and will not doubt have a great time. If not they will definitely look great in their uniforms!

Brian's mom, Sharon a.k.a. Tutu, came in town for a visit last week. We enjoyed the short time we had with her. Her visit was cut short because of a medical emergency. Please pray for her and Ross as Ross is beginning his battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. While she was here she enjoyed Camden's birthday, a little bit of shopping and Noah's field trip.

About Noah's field trip... Tutu, me and Camden all went with Noah's pre-school class to the Heard Museum in McKinney, TX. We had a great time hiking through the woods and spotting Armadillo burrows as well as 250 year old trees. The kids had a good time playing in a log house and the chaperones had a challenging time keeping the kids on the path and out of the poison Ivy! We all enjoyed a picnic in the woods and then came home and had a good nap!

Noah has only a few classes left of pre-school for the year and he is already sad to be leaving his new friends. He is however, looking forward to August and meeting his new teacher and having his brother at school with him. Mom is looking forward to that also.

Camden is cruising right along with his speech therapy and is now saying 2-3 word phrases. He was recently evaluated and is approx. 2-3 months behind his peers but is catching up fast. He is saying almost everything verbally and now needs work on articulation.

Camden has also been practicing for the X-Games. (Extreme Sports) He is sporting a new look on his face these days. Instead of an adorable little nose, his nose is completely covered in scabs as well as his upper lip. He was having truck races and his truck as well as his face LOST BADLY!!! (I just pray that it won't scar to bad.)

Camden's room is a work in progress. The last two weeks have been filled with lots of painting. The walls and furniture have been painted. A shelf has been stained. His new bed is set up and the crown molding is just waiting to be installed. All that is left is decorating and sewing a few things. That's the fun part and I am looking forward to it. The bathroom is next and in desperate need of some repair!

This should just about catch us up to the present.


Heather said...

Wow, sounds like ya'll are busy little beavers. Glad to hear Noah did so well on his sports team. Way to go big guy. Camden sounds like he's equally as confident in "truck races". That's ok, his scars can match up to his buddy Luke's head wound scar and eye brow gash. Boys will be boys won't they? So sorry to hear about Ross. Will pray for his healing. What a shocker to hear the diagnosis of cancer. Will they be seeking treatment here on the mainland or going back to HI? I love your hair Sharon. I know I've said it already, but it really is an attractive cut on you. The color looks great too. to bed.

Blueeyes said...

It's amazing how quickly boys catch on to sports! I love watching little kids play games. Go NOAH Go!
When both kids are in MDO, we will have to do lunch!
I am praying for Ross and Brian's Mom.
Hugs & Love.