Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. It was filled with lots of activities and time with my family.

Thursday: Brian had his end of the year concert at the Outdoor amphitheater in our town. I took a blanket and dinner for the kids and I. We enjoyed sitting on the lawn with Duane and Peggy in the 70ish degree weather, eating and listening to four different Orchestra's play. It was a wonderful way for Brian's students to end the year.

Friday: This was Noah's last day of school. He was soooo excited for it to be the last day because he can't wait until August when he gets to go back and have a different teacher. You see, he will be one of "the big kids", a.k.a. the top dogs at the pre-school and he is pumped up about that. He is also excited that his brother will be joining him at pre-school and they will get to play together on the playground. His teacher this year was incredible. She has two boys of her own and really has a special bond with the boys in her class. Noah learned all the sounds of the alphabet, reinforced his knowledge of numbers, colors, shapes, etc. He learned about the weather, how to read a calendar, got to know about dinosaurs, transportation vehicles, insects, etc., he did countless art projects, got tons of practice cutting with scissors and just had a great time playing with his friends.

Friday afternoon while driving my car pool I finally figured out what Camden was yelling about at a certain stretch of road. Each time I drive my car pool, we would get to a certain stretch of road and Camden would yell "ice-cream, ice-cream". All that is there is a field with a house. No ice-cream store, no bill-board with ice-cream on it, etc. Well, mystery solved... it is a water tower. It just so happens that to Camden the water tower looks like an ice-cream cone!

Friday evening we went to our adult Sunday school party and enjoyed eating great Mexican food and playing games. I look forward to the next get together.

Saturday: Noah had his first T-ball game. The score was 20-17 in favor of the Cubs. There were even a few plays made at first base. That evening we celebrated Mother's day at my parents house. Mark, Tiffany and her parents joined us for a wonderful steak dinner and a good time of fellowship. If is so peaceful and quiet out at the lake and I enjoy it more everytime I go.

Sunday: I enjoyed hearing our female pastor speak about Hannah's sacrifice of her son Samuel. Our pastor ended her message with singing a song. I don't think there were many dry eyes in the congregation after that. I received some very special cards from my boys as well as Tulips, a flower pot decorated from Noah and a hand mixer. Yes, I wanted the hand mixer.

Noah had his second T-ball game that afternoon and was the lead off batter. The team they were playing always hit the ball back to the pitcher so only a handful of the kids really had an opportunity to field the ball, one of them being Noah. No matter what position he was playing, second base or left field, as soon as the ball was hit he was off running to the pitcher to get the ball! He got a wonderful workout during an otherwise uneventful game. That evening we ventured out for a New York style pizza. We ended up driving to Chicago for Chicago style pizza that was awesome. At least the drive felt like to Chicago, we ended up in the Carrollton/Addison area. Hey, for good pizza we will drive to any length! We wrapped up the weekend at my brother's place.

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