Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spring Break?

Brian has been on spring break this week from work. He probably will tell you that he worked harder this week than any week he has been in school. I would have to agree with him on this.

Monday we took Noah to the pulmonologist. Had a LONG but productive visit. Heard good news and it was good to hear that I have been doing all the "right" things for Noah.

The rest of the week has been spent cleaning out the kid's baby things. We have unloaded closets, the attic, toy boxes, etc. and took everything that someone 18 months and younger could play with or wear, to a consignment sale. "Come on shoppers, please buy our stuff!" Noah had a really hard time saying good-bye to things he has not played with in a year. Mom did not!!! You don't realize how much stuff is hidden in boxes, under beds, in closets, and under the couch!

I am a woman on a mission. Spring-time always gets me in the mood to clean. My goal for the next several weeks is to de-clutter this house. Everything is finding a home and lots of things are going in the trash or to the church garage sale. I am tired of looking at all this stuff! It is going to be a mammoth project, but I look forward to the end result! Does anyone else get this way in the spring or is it just me?


Blueeyes said...

I am a spring cleaning crazied lady once I start. Last year, I went thru every box, and plastic tub I own.......I donated about 6 huge black bags to our church garage sale....and I only live in a one bedroom! This year I am already getting the cleaning bug! I think I am going to start heavy duty cleaning tonight!!!!

Heather said...

We're cleaning and trashing here in McKinney too.

Amber said...

I'm so ready for the spring cleaning. It was so funny you brought that up- I was just telling Jeff this week it is time to de-bug the house and clean, clean, clean. Beau's allergies are not real good right now so I know just doing a deep cleaning on everything it will keep him from getting as bad as he is now. He is feeling so so much better. The breathing treatments really work!!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Breathing treatments do work. The side effect you will find is that he will be VERY hyper (almost to the point that he can not control himself). It makes discipline very difficult because it is the meds. making him crazy.

Good luck!

Aunt Mac said...

Well I do hope the camping trip can come!!! Where? At DuDu's? Those are treasured moments for a family.