Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Growing up too fast

Camden had a wonderful first week of Pre-school. He had no hesitation and was full of eagerness to start the year. He has a wonderful teacher this year who is going to be a perfect compliment to him. He was excited to take his back-pack for Show & Tell last Friday, and pointed out that it had light up wheels and a place to put his cell phone. What???? his cell phone????

This weekend was Gracie day at the pool. Well, not technically... she swam with about 100 other dogs. She started off slow, going to anyone who she thought might take her outside of this gate that she was brought through. After about 15 minutes and no takers, she ventured into the water where she had fun. She quickly found a tennis ball and would take it and drop it in front of any human or dog to throw it for her. She played ball and swam for about an hour. All of the dogs were very social and well behaved. Lots of Labs and Boxers, it was funny to watch them all interact.

Summer is officially over:(


Tutu & Ross said...

Cell phones and doggie socks! I love it. And a Keller's hamburger - doesn't get any better!!!!! Love you all, Tutu & Ross

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