Thursday, April 03, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

Last night: Asking Camden what he wants for dessert.

"Camden, what are you going to have?"

Camden: "Beer."

"Beer?" (what, where did that come from????)

"Yes, beer Mom! Ya know the stuff you drink."

(Again, what!?!?!?!, I don't drink beer)

"Yeah, you know, that brown stuff you like to drink" (He's getting a little ticked with me that I am not included in this knowledge of information)

"hummmmm,,,,, o.k." (I'm really starting to worry that something isn't quite right here)

at last:

Noah: " he's talking about root beer"

Hallelujah, someone knows whats going on!!!


Blueeyes said...

Can I have a beer?

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

txtutu said...

How funny! ROOT beer! How funny. Thank Heaven !!!! Noah knew what Camden meant. As for "No Country For Old Men" - yes Ross and I saw it. I was like you, Sharon, riveted to my seat. I was disgusted with myself for being that way!!!! Valerie said "and I should waste my time why????" Well, I don't know WHY!!! We are so conditioned to movies/books/stories with happy endings. Anyhoooo been there done that. Won't buy the DVD!!