Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tag... you're it.

I need to list 7 random things that many of you out in blogland may not know about me. This is for you "Blue Eyes". It has taken me forever to come up with 7 things, because let's face it... I am boring!!!

1. I am not fond of LARGE groups of people. I was painfully shy as a child and still take a really long time to warm up to people. So, if you put me in a large group, I just want to dig a hole and crawl in.

2. I am public enemy number one of the vacuum cleaner. There hasn't been a vacuum cleaner that has survived my use. I don't stop for anything, I just vacuum right over it...that may have something to do with the quick demise, huh?

3. I am gullible. I believe most everything you tell me. Case in point... the wall-stretcher incident. If you haven't read about it, you must click here and revisit my pain.

4. I am not fond of SMALL groups of people either. I do not like to be singled out and put on the spot. It is one thing for me to step out of my box, but when I am thrust out I am not a happy girl!!!

5. I am still wearing the toenail polish from my last pedicure in August. Yeah, I neglect my feet.

6. On the topic of feet, I don't wash my legs or feet. I just assume they are clean when all the soapy water flows down them from the top of my body. Yep, you wanted to know these things, so stop thinking "that is gross".

7. I have never had a cavity and the only dental work of any consequence that I have had done is having my wisdom teeth removed and an implant to replace a baby tooth that I had for almost 30 years.

And one for good measure:

8. Once when eating french fries, I was caught off guard and started laughing so hard that I inhaled my fry up the back of my throat and into my nasal cavity! It burned like the dickens, but I kept on laughing.

So there you have it. You be the judge, not to exciting huh?


Blueeyes said...

Hooray! You finally did it! :) Not boring at all....I like the french fry story. I once laughed so hard I actually choked on a chip. :)

Taylor said...

We are similar creatures....

1. Ditto - That's why anytime you see me at a function I am helping set up, picking up trash, busywork...I'm a terrible socializer.

2. Ditto - In fact, we have two at the house right now and neither one are in good working condition. After I run over something and it is clacking around in the vacuum Joe will say 'wait wait wait, you ran over something', so he is designated vacuumer in our house.

4. Ditto - Although I am a little better nowadays - In the past when singled out in a small group I have been known to just sit there and say nothing...they eventually move on once they realize I got nothing.

txtutu said...

Sharon, I laughed until I hurt at the stretcher story AND the french fry. Who says you are boring? Not so! (The reason I can laugh so hard is because I have a few stories of my own. One was just a few months ago at a Rotary meeting.) And not to worry, not everyone is meant to be comfortable in small or large crowds. And I was just wondering the other day how your vacuum cleaner was doing. My mom had one once where the ducts were in the walls and you just plugged the vacuum hose into an outlet (like an electrical outlet). Now, when you got a plug in THAT vacuum hose you had to tear down a wall. We switched to a regular vacuum. Didn't want to take any chances with five kids in the house Love you!! Sharon (Txtutu)

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

any snow pics?

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Anonymous said...

Sharon you are a hoot!!! I really got a laugh from the stretcher story. You and Laurie should write books with all the interesting things that go on in your lives. love you Aunt Mac