Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Prayer Request

Yesterday in Texas we experienced a front move through that brought rain, very strong winds and lightning. Lightning struck a house across the street from my husband's work and due to the strong winds, the house burned and is a complete loss. The owner of the home was the Vice-principal at my husband's school, she had been home sick yesterday and was able to get herself and her pets out of the house and to safety. Praise the Lord that everyone is alright physically but please pray for the emotional and spiritual toll this is going to have on this family as they try to recover from this loss.

I am waiting to hear how we can help and will post more as I know.


txtutu said...

I will certainly pray for her. How scary was that for her! Thank HEAVEN she was home and rescued her pets. I have a prayer request: The private school is waiting to hear any moment if we get funding for a new building that will be a gym and theater. Much need in this community. PLUS I think they will vote me back on the board today. Mahalo! Love, Tutu

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

I am sorry this happened. I will pray for sure.