Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter, Health & What nots - 2 Part Post

I have been a bad blogger lately. It's not that there isn't stuff to write, its just that I don't have as much time to write anymore.

We had a nice Easter, if you don't count that I threw my back out wearing new shoes and a new bra. That's a story for another day though.

Sharon, a.k.a. Tutu, and Ross were here visiting and we spent the day all together at my parent's house. It turns out the stomach virus Noah had on Friday was really the adenovirus and he was pretty miserable until Thursday. We battled high fever, bad headaches, vomiting and extremely swollen tonsils and adenoids. If you listened to him you would have believed that he was full of nasal congestion, in reality it was his adenoids so swollen. The kids were reatlly excited to see that the Easter Bunny had brought them "Cars" beach towels and swim suits this year.

The kids had fun at their Easter parties at school. Brian and I had fun watching Camden collecting Easter eggs with his school friends. He was so polite, when he found his allotted 8 eggs, he went and sat down and waited for is friends to finish. Brian and I looked at each other and asked "who is that child?" Next, it was time for Noah's class to hunt eggs. They shot out of that class like a freight train coming down the track. They ran as fast they could while stepping on eggs trying to beat their friends to the eggs. They all had fun, but the intensity between the boys age groups was a little frightening.

A while back I blogged about Brian injuring his elbow. He finally west to see an Ortho. doctor who prescribed a steroid and physical therapy exercises to do at home. I am happy to report that the arm is doing great but Brian had quite a scare from the steroid. He started having some scary symptoms and went to see his G.P. They did some blood work and all of his levels were way to HIGH!. His sugar level was 600 on Wednesday. He was quickly given some medication and and lots of paperwork on Type II Diabetes. He saw the eye doctor today because his vision has been blurry for three days. Good news, the pressure in his eyes has stayed the same but he has a sugar glucose coating on his eyes that should go away when his levels return to normal. The nurse checked his sugar today at school and he was down to 250. He returns on Sat. and Wed. for more testing. Please pray that this is just temporary and his levels return to normal once the steroid is out of his body. Please pray that if they don't return to normal that we will have an easy adjustment to a new healthier lifestyle.

Camden is excited about turning 3. He wants and will get a "Chick Hicks" birthday cake. He is fascinated with Chick. He is the bad guy from "Cars" and Camden is all about the bad guy! We ordered him his very own t-shirt with Chick Hicks on it and personalized with Camden's name. I have no doubt that shirt will be worn EVERY day! He still eat, breaths, lives race cars and specifically Chick. He still thinks he is a race car and we have to remind him that we "don't crash people". He is officially potty trained and he acts like it was no big deal. One day I will remind him that we worked on this feat for a YEAR!!!

I will do my best to blog more often. We are very busy the next three weeks and I really want to capture everything in writing.

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