Monday, October 30, 2006

One for the win column

I don't know about you, but I dislike dealing with insurance companies. I have been wading through large stacks of bills over the past year from our many visits to the E.R. and follow-ups there after.

One particular bill caught my attention this week because it was in error. A month ago I received a bill requesting our insurance info. No big deal, I called and gave them the info. They submitted it to insurance and I received a bill for my portion this week. Except, that one line item description had been subtly changed and the price increased by $350.00. All the typical thoughts went through my head..."this is wrong!"..."if I hadn't of caught this they would of gotten away with more money in their pocket"..."this has to be corrected, but it will be like pulling teeth", etc. The phone calls and faxes were made and I waited. I received a call today explaining the discrepency and in typical fashion the error was made initially and should have been for the increased charge all along. I questioned the definition of the code charged and casually mentioned that I happened to be in the room when the procedure they were talking about occurred.

I waited for another phone call.

To make a long story short...just as mysteriously as the original bill had been changed, my current incorrect bill was also changed back to the correct amount. Of course, they will not assume any responsibility for being at fault. However, I think their action speaks volumes.

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