Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer is in high gear...

I love summer-time. After Christmas, it is probably my favorite time of year. Swimming, popsicles, ice-tea, and barbecues are some of my favorite things.

This week has been filled with Vacation bible school and swim lessons. Both kids are loving VBS. I got to watch Camden for a little while yesterday while he was in the music room. He marched right in and sat in the front row. He followed the directions and was interacting verbally with the leader. I was so proud of him. Noah is having tons of fun with his friends, singing and making crafts. Noah even did his daily challenge that was asked of him today.

Swim lessons are going great. Noah is so willing to try everything that is asked of him. I think it is only a matter of Noah practicing and we will have a swimmer in our midst. That will make mom and dad's job just a little less stressful at the pool. He is putting his head under, holding his breath and swimming through a hula hoop. Yeah Noah!!!

Camden equally loves the water and is reaching his arms, kicking his legs and blowing bubbles. I would not be surprised if by the end of the summer he is also swimming on his own.

Not much more to report.

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