Monday, May 22, 2006

Car ride

Took the dog for a ride today. Yup, the crazy one. She was so excited to go. Once we got going, I started watching her and started wondering WHAT is going on inside her head? Does anyone else do that?

Why is she so fascinated with having her snout shoved up against the A/C vent?

Why, once she is in the car does she looks terrified? Always sitting sideways leaning against the seat with her head wrapped around the seat looking at the back of the car. Isn't it more interesting to look out the front window?

Why are her ears plastered against her head and the look of panic on her face? She was just happy two minutes ago before we got in?

Why all the drool on the seat, isn't the A/C on cold enough?

Why after trying unsuccessfully to lay down on her seat (because she is too large) does she think she can come over to my seat and lay on my lap? I am occupying this space and have a steering wheel in the way. Not to mention when she tries this, I can't see where I am driving or breathe because she is so large.

Just wondering.

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Blueeyes said...

I think the same thing with my dogs.....When I say let's go for a ride, I believe they think they are going somewhere Aunt Karla's or Aunt Deb's house....or better yet, MawMaw & PawPaw's (my parents). Abby loves rides, but stresses the entire time.....which makes Phoebe a little nervous....I have learned NEVER to take one without the's too stressful for them, and way to stressful for me!