Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Shopping with kids adds a whole different dimension to motherhood. I use to love to shop. I still enjoy it, however it is a bit more of a challenge with two in tow. I have never let having kids stop me from doing what I want or need to do to. I just wait a little longer before I have to shop and make ALL of my stops at one time. Some of you know what I am talking about.

After I dropped Noah off at pre-school today, Camden and I went shopping. I have started shopping for a bed and bedding for Camden's big boy room. I thought I had found the right bed today, however, after talking to Brian tonight I am more confused than ever. Children's bedding... you've got to be kidding! There are a thousand different options to choose from. I had wanted to get something that he could use until he was 10 or 11, but then I look at all the cute toddler bedding! My head is spinning!!!

On a postivie note... I ordered Camden's 2nd birthday cake today. It is so cute. I had no problem picking out which cake would be perfect for Camden. It is a 3-D truck cake. He LOVES TRUCKS!!! I can't wait to post pictures after the party.

I am going to venture out shopping tomorrow with both kids. I know am temporarily insane! Wish me luck.


Karla said...

I also love to shop, but since I have kids, things have changed. I find myself making huge lists and then going to various stores when they are on my way to a particular place. The good news is, I am saving money--things don't seem so crucial to get when you have to load/unload four kids in the car to go a particular item.

Heather said...

The sux about the camera. I'm with you on taking the kiddos with ya on your shopping gigs. I had a major "take stuff back for refunds" day today. Luke went to all of them with me, Kohl's, Kirklands, Lane Bryant and Home Depot.

Blueeyes said...

How did your shopping trip go yesterday with the boys?