Friday, January 27, 2006

TRAINS, puff puff, toot toot...

Just thought these were cute pics of the kids and their engineer hats.

If you don't know it my kids LOVE trains!!!!

Noah received his first train set when he was 1 month old. It didn't get put into use until he was about 1 year old. Camden has followed right behind and LOVES it just as much. They have learned their numbers and colors from trains as well as hand-eye coordination and a little bit about sharing. Good old fashioned trains - doesn't get much better for little boys!

F.Y.I., Noah's favorites are Gordon and Spencer. Camden's favorite is Percy. (Whew, glad they are different!)


Blueeyes said...

So, is the puff puff, toot toot coming from the train or one of the kids? ;) hahaha
Kiss the Kids for me!

Heather said...

All aboard the cutie patootie train. They both look so cute and serious in their train conductor gear. It's such a blast watching these boys grow up.

b said...

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